Meet the Maker: House of Botanica 

Meet the Maker: House of Botanica 

Over the next few weeks we will be catching up with some of our makers. Join us to find out more about them and the beautiful products on sale in our shop. 

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and House of Botanica?

My name is Bianca de Csernátony my brand is called House of Botanica. The idea behind the brand name was an Instagram account inspired by homeware and interior design plus botanics and plants. I then combined the end of my name with the word botanic to form a unique brand name. I make all my pieces in my home in Wakefield surrounded by pieces I love. I always joke that every time someone purchasing a vase from me, I use the money to purchase another vase - my collection of small business ceramics is definitely growing!

What inspired you to start making?

I moved into a new house and was enthralled by the decoration process. To document the process, I started my Instagram account - House of Botanica. My family introduced me to flower arranging which then set me off into a whirlwind of everything floral. I started following several floral accounts one of which was a mini flower arranger, which has the tiniest flower arrangements in miniature vases. I was hooked! In search of miniature of vases but with a modern look, I was lost so I decided to make my own. Inspired by artists I have looked to in the past and shapes that move me.

How/why did you decide to take the plunge and start selling online?

When I made my miniature vases, I shared them on my account and had several messages about how to purchase them. It naturally grew and my pieces got bigger and better. I then opened up my website and poured my heart and soul into it. I felt like my product evolution had grown and was now a brand I was proud of and here we are today.

What helps you to work/be creative?

As a child my mother was always making something or picking up a new hobby. Our spare time was always used for a new project. Being creative is never a struggle for me, time flies by and I forget to eat, drink and come up for air! The struggle is going back to everyday life and having to do all the adult things I don’t want to do.

How do you maintain a work/small business/life balance?

This one is easy! I love what I do! I love making my vases and trying out new colour schemes and patterns. Sometimes I can’t wait for the weekend so I can start making again. As a creative person it’s definitely my outlet and I’m really enjoying the evolution of H.O.B.

What’s the next step for House of Botanica?

I have a few new products in mind and patterns to try out. I definitely want to make my own candles in the iconic knot shape.

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