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Jessie Davies

Original Photogram by Jessie Davies

Original Photogram by Jessie Davies

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Jessie Davies's work explores fragile wetland environments threatened by rising sea levels, climate change and pollution.

Living with autism and multiple disabilities, including paraplegia, Davies immerses herself in the reeds and foliage. Her lower viewing position provides her with an acute observation of overlooked aspects, expressing clashes between human activity and natures resilience.

All works were created during the artist's residency at The Art House for her project Wetlands, using reeds and found materials in the printing process to create a texture finish. 

Each original photogram print is approximately 20 x 25cm but varies due to handmade nature. Each photogram has been made using a cameraless, photographic process in which the artist will inprint and paint with natural substances and/or chemistry onto light sensitive silver gelatin paper. This process allows for a truly unique and unpredictable image to form. 

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