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Alla's Craft

Alla's Craft Gemstone Bracelets

Alla's Craft Gemstone Bracelets

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Handmade gemstone bracelets made in Wakefield by Alla. Each natural stone symbolises something different:

Lapis Lazuli: luck, success, well-being, sincere feelings. It protects from negative energy and old grievances.

Angelite: is able to strengthen the immune system, accelerate the process of recovery and rehabilitation. It is believed that the angelite stone protects against evil spirits, helps to find inner peace and mental balance. They say that the angelite stone allows close people who have pieces of it to better feel each other’s condition at a distance.

Grey Agate: justice, harmony, balance, calm, building relationships. Protection from conflicts, aggression, illness, insomnia.

Rodonite: love and talent. Helps to gain faith in oneself and hope for the best, helps in creativity, reveals abilities, brings new ideas, relieves embarrassment, grants popularity and recognition. Rhodonite imparts femininity, beauty and mercy, balances, gives clarity of thinking, puts you in a working mood, fills with energy, calms, helps to find harmony.

Howlite & Lava: howlite is a symbol of spiritual purity and sublimity, the true purpose of which is to serve good. He is the patron of motherhood and women's health, and also has a positive effect on financial affairs. Lava provides strength, courage, intuition, wisdom, talent, fulfillment of desires, achievement of goals. Protection from loss of strength, bad mood, negative energy, bad people and actions.

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