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Tony Wade

Andromeda - The Vinyl Limited Edition

Andromeda - The Vinyl Limited Edition

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Edition of 9
A unique opportunity to own a limited-edition LP vinyl, featuring interpretations, soundscapes and the music
of Andromeda’s Score, and from the performance of Andromeda’s Return.
Ltd transparent Gatefold with signed music score insert.
Please note - Vinyl mock-up artwork for visualisation and demonstration purposes. Original editions are
pre-order, with a 4-week production from 11 July. This is a pre-order.

In the development of Andromeda, Wade embarked on a 28km canal-side walk from Knottingley bridge to Goole, documenting the journey. Using his own images of the figurine being thrown into the water, Wade collaborated with composers and musicians to interpret a musical score by overlaying a musical stave on the glass’s entry point and the splash of the water, thus generating its own piece of original music. Inspired by both the story and the artist’s experience of visiting the sites, the exhibition will feature relevant material, maps and documentation. These will accompany a brand-new sculpture and a film featuring musicians performing the musical scores on the top deck of a barge as it sails from Goole to Knottingley.

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