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Kedisha Coakley

Mini Banana Original Bronze by Kedisha Coakley

Mini Banana Original Bronze by Kedisha Coakley

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Limited Edition Bronze Cast by Sheffield based artist Kedisha Coakley.

Her practice is a unique and timely expression of Black identity. Working with print, photography and sculpture, her work investigates ideas of home, memory, class, and status to present a hybrid representation of Blackness that questions transparency and opacity.

This series forms part of her ongoing research into colonial plant life, the intricacies of Colonisation and use botanical legacy. Coakley has explored herbarium records containing plant specimens, cuttings, and seeds in British Empire requisitions - many of which are present in society - but questions surrounding how they got here are often forgotten. 

This series of bronze sculptures of discarded pieces of fruit, including passion fruit and bananas, as well as cotton seed pods, shares a sense of them being taken from their original context by colonial botanists and drawn up as ‘discoveries’ to European audiences.

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