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Chris Byard

Small Carved Flask by Chris Byard

Small Carved Flask by Chris Byard

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Hand made in our Ceramics studio by potter and Art House member Christopher Byard.

"My work is thrown on the wheel, using a stoneware clay, followed by hand carvings individualised to each pot. I use my drawings as a foundation to my carvings, which usually involve scenerios and stories involving the fool. I use the fool as a way to recontextualise my memories and help frame them in a humorous light. My work with bottles allows me to frame these carvings in a way where I can create a continuity throughout the pots. I then use a mixture of magnesium and red iron oxide, applied via sponge, to highlight the carvings post bisque firing. The topaz Glaze I've used is a way for me to further emphasize the already aged look of a carved pot. Along with my efforts to recontextualise memory, adding as much age to it as possible via oxides and glaze, gives me the comfort of thinking these stories have always existed. Giving me a feeling of self recognition through my own process."

Each item is unique and varies in size.

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